Honey Lane is a small kennel located just south of Chicago, Illinois specializing in Newfoundland dogs.



Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. Growing up, my mother bred and raised Great Danes. It was actually she who started the kennel prefix Honey Lane with Her first Great Dane, Honey Liz. From that foundation bitch came many years of breeding and exhibiting Great Danes under the kennel name Honey Lane. Together with her co-breeders, Honey Lane was able to produce some of the top dogs in that breed's history.

As for my love and passion, it definitely belongs with the Newfies. Even though I knew following in my mother's footsteps would not be an easy feat, we've managed so far to get off to a good start with the help of some very good friends. Starting with our first newfs from out of the country (Cannon Bear Newfoundlands-Denmark), Trucker and Honey, I was able to finish their championships quickly. Honey, who became my foundation bitch, produced my first two champions and thus far we have finished many others along the way. Today we are very proud and thankful for all the successes and friends we have made in our endeavor to show and breed healthy and quality Newfoundlands.